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Cheap Drugs: Demotape (7 songs), 7" (5 songs).

Recorded november 12 & 26, 2012
at Studio 195 (NL) by Patrick Delabie.

Released on 100 white tapes by Fortyweight Records (Belgium).
Released on 150 white tapes by Yakuzzi Records (Germany).
Released on 500 white 7"s by Hardware Records (Germany).


released December 14, 2012

All music written at Venue 219.
All lyrics by Tom, Sarah & Sam.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Not In My Face.
Not in my face
A disease, not mine
Not in my face
The idiot, not I

Your freedom ends
Where mine begins
Flared up and sucked in
Don’t get it on me

Not in my face
An addiction, not mine
Not in my face
The fucker, not I

Slave to a process
Engraved in your veins
Stench of your ego
Pay up and get killed
Not in my face
Track Name: Cheap Drugs.
Ugly, Too thin
Dumb, No success
No style, No class
No future, No friends
Insane, No taste
Fat and Naïve
Reckless, Too pale
Too nice, So Cheap
Cheap Drugs
Track Name: Overall.
I got a knife under my pillow
telling me stories I’d better not do
Those who tell me how to be
what to wear and how to sell it
It’s funny what it makes me do
Must I butcher them all
A sensation too strong
keep it in mind
I got a gun under the covers
telling me what could have been done
Counting down years
no actions were taken, frustration just grew
It’s cunning what I’m gonna do
Must I butcher them all
A sensation too strong
keep it in mind
It’s cunning what I’m gonna do.
Track Name: Exacerbation Of The Soul.
make yourself so hated
It’s irritating
your face is a provocation
My temptation
You’re so overrated
My temptation
You’re feeding my frustration
Track Name: Never.
Never wanna go to work
Never liked you fucking jerk
I don't like the things you say
I just wanna

Always has to be this way
listen to the things I say
think I'm gonna go bezerk
if I have to

Who are you to fucking say
What I have to do today
All I see is a fucking jerk
boss around and jerk around